Windward by GigaRent aggiornamenti clients e server!


2016-03-08 – Now live

  • Another quick fix to ensure that mods that don’t modify the existing config won’t flag items as requiring them.



  • Fixed a bug with mod matching not working properly. It was a silly typo…
  • Mod mismatch-marked items can now be given to other players. Players running the dev build can fix it via right-click.



  • Fixed issues some players were having when loading vaults that had modded items in them.



  • Required list of mods is now saved in the server’s configuration file.
  • Mods are now verified via hashes, so if something changes you can expect a mismatch.
  • Server admins can now /allowMod <name> and /disallowMod <name> to allow specific mods on the server. In order to allow a mod it must be active. Allowing a mod means that clients that have that mod enabled will be able to play on your server, but it is not required in order to play. It is not recommended to allow mods that add new content such as new ships, quests, etc. It’s only a good idea to allow pure client-side mods that won’t affect other players. One example would be the camera mod.



  • Mods that don’t add any code no longer cause items to get marked as requiring that mod. Note that this only affects single player games. If playing multiplayer, it will behave like it did before and all mods that alter game’s configuration will be marking items as requiring them.
  • Land-based units can now place structures on land away from bodies of water.
  • Fix for the tank’s turret not being controllable when taking control of AI.
  • The Tank and Spaceship can now both be found on Steam Workshop.
  • Updated Modder’s Tools with the latest model exporter capable of exporting Asset Bundles (what I used to export both tank and spaceship). Also added the Tank to it in case modders want to know exactly how it was made. Asset Bundles are able to include custom shaders, physics materials, particle effects and other Unity stuff. Only code can’t be included. To export any model as an Asset Bundle, make a prefab with it (drag it from the scene into the Project view), select the newly created prefab, choose the menu options Assets -> DataNode -> Export Selected -> as AssetBundle.



  • XP reward for ships is now based on all primary stats, not just HP.
  • Ship stats are now capped based on the minimum region level where that ship can appear and can no longer exceed the sum of 12 (defense + offense + support).
  • Modifying the terrain while colliding with it should no longer make your ship get permanently stuck being pushed in a specific direction.
  • Land-based units should no longer be able to bring along followers.

Developer: Tasharen Entertainment Inc.
Price: 9,99 €

Scarica Windward v2016.03.08.0 Client for Windows da GigaCloud:

Scarica Windward v2016.02.09.0 apk for Android da GigaCloud:

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