Running with Rifles update 1.40

Hey Runners!

In RWR, you have been told that you are just one among thousands.

That may have been true until today with the Man vs. World mode! This time you’re completely on your own, with nothing but your wits and tenacity to win you through. You’ve got only one life, no respawning – yes, that’s permadeath! The enemies follow the same rule, so at least there’s a hypothetical chance for you to make it…

There is also a “Veteran” difficulty with FoV activated for those who want to push the challenge to an extreme!

Find the mode in the campaign start menu, check it out and see how far you can get!

And that’s not all, Runners! The update features a new 3-faction map called Iron Enclave in Online Invasion!
You’ll find a lot of vehicles, flanking enemies and other interesting surprises in this brand new map!


Below you can find a complete list of changes for version 1.40:

  • vehicles: grenade launcher Humvee added – replaced the radio call Humvee. Map specific Humvee will remain with a MG
  • vehicles: patrol ship health reduced by 35%
  • weapons: deployable grenade launcher added – unlocking item in the campaign/invasion
  • weapons: Pecheneg Bullup machinegun rare weapon added
  • weapons: TOW rebalanced – more damage (single shots any APC), slower projectile speed, 20% longer reload time
  • weapons: Milkor MGL commonness doubled
  • weapons: Model 29 Revolver renamed to 44 Magnum, doubled the damage and reload animation speed increased by 20%
  • equipment: wrench added to invasion
  • maps: new 3-faction map “Iron Enclave” added to quick match and the invasion map rotator
  • maps: minor fixes here and there
  • invasion: player faction switched to Graycollars
  • dominance: Iron Enclave added to the map rotator
  • animations: weapon changing animation speed increased by 20% and for one-handed weapons by 33%
  • misc: UV mapping of the Trox-80 tank fixed
  • campaign: new “Man vs. World” purely single player campaign added. You start as a single soldier and have to capture all bases of a map to progress to the next stage. Permadeath with 2 difficulty levels.
  • campaign: once a campaign completes, it’s possible restart it with new settings while keeping the character progression and items
  • campaign: Final mission I now has markers in the mapview to locate the objectives
  • campaign: Final mission II initial enemy rush time (phase 1) reduced by 50%
  • modding: added “draggable” parameter for wearable carry items
  • modding: added “backpack_weight_capacity” parameter (value as an offset)
  • fix: added ai_handles_avoid_regions parameter for platforms (default value = 0) to make avoid regions work for platforms
  • fix: wall/fence elements with penetrability on a platform don’t allow bullets to be created when too close to the wall
  • fix: auto-shooting when entering a vehicle weapon slot fixed
  • fix: defensive structures entering non-simulated blocks are now occupied instantly
  • gameplay: fixed a bug with over vehicle shooting allowing prone only weapons to shoot in opposite direction as well
  • gameplay: fixed a bug with stabbing an enemy near vehicle being neglected
  • gameplay: fixed a bug with shooting over walkable object sides
  • gameplay: fixed a bug with stabbing when on certain walkable meshes
  • gameplay: made it easier to shoot over low vehicles on uneven ground
  • menu: added translation support for campaign description and custom campaign menu ui controls
  • menu: added support for custom choice buttons in campaign menu

Our Server GigaRentFun is up and you can play here !!!

Developer: Osumia Games
Price: 14,99 €

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