7 Days to Die: Alpha 16 Experimental B113 is Out!

Hey Survivalist,
We’ve just released Alpha 16 Experimental B113 and could really use your help finding the last remaining big issues. If you’ve played B105 or B112 from our previous posts see the fixes below for more info.


  • Recipes for glass ramps.


  • Updated wood, scrap and vault hatches to work with advanced rotations.
  • Snow and forest biomes are colder.
  • Players core temperature change faster.
  • Moved End Tables to the Decor group.
  • Reduced the amount of meat harvested from animals.
  • Wood cube frames are 3d again, but optimized so they don’t cause errors.
  • Terrain ping pong to do one more check for “bounce ups” instead of clamping them.
  • Temporarily disabled wolf running attack to stop clipping through several voxels.
  • Slightly slowed wolf running speed.
  • Dire wolves are rarer.


  • Double mouse cursor after using map.
  • Map not showing crosshair cursor while hovering waypoints.
  • Updated the description of Misc Crafting.
  • Wrong upgrade patch on concreteWedgeIncline.
  • Description for looseBoardsTrapBlock3x3.
  • Players can walk through the chem stations.
  • Wood spikes cost more to repair than to make. (this time for real)
  • Some upgrades are leading to the wrong kind of concrete.
  • Control binding tooltips stay if controls dialog is closed with ESC while tooltip is showing.
  • Pressing enter during sign editing causes random effects (reset key bindings to default to apply fix)
  • Quests refer to pigs, not boars.
  • RWG Index out of range error.
  • Snake death animation.
  • Delayed sleeper spawn.
  • Sleepers spawn instantly when active beroll is picked up.
  • Sleeper volumes with small pre-trigger area allow seeing spawn ins.

KNOWN ISSUES (No more reports needed, thank you)

  • Hunted Status not working properly
  • Clipping issues with bears, wolves, and spider zombies
  • Unintended harvest amounts on destroying boulders.
  • Aggressive animals violating safe zone.
  • Too many Airdrop crates spawning and crates spawning underground
  • Road Issues
  • Scavenger + Quality Joe not working
  • Gore pile dupe
  • Blade trap doesn’t damage cops or irradiated cops (Might be intended)
  • Throwing rocks does not distract zombies
  • Trader Issues: Missing Trader, missing POI, odd hours, etc.
  • GlobalUV support inhibits anisotropic filtering and it has to be calculated in the shader.
  • Boar Head Hitbox not working
  • Teleport to ground level when under doors, under certain blocks, or loading in after having quit from an underground location.
  • Issues with filling buckets and bottles with water
  • Wet concrete not drying
  • Animals and zeds don’t aggro from being hit with a ranged attack after a certain distance
  • Sleeper spawning issues continue
  • Minibike steering issue using a gamepad controller
  • Pink Water

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