7 Days to Die Alpha 14


Hey Survivalists,
The Fun Pimps would like to wish you all a Happy Easter and to celebrate we’ve served up a rather massive Alpha 14 update. We know it’s late but in our humble opinion it’s pretty great. For those of you who felt 13 was a grind or that we peaked at 12 we have addressed a lot of issues with balance and grind and fixed hundreds of bugs.

We thought Alpha 13 was big with over 35 pages of release notes but alpha 14 has over 54 pages of bug fixes and release notes that have gone into this build so expect some great new stuff, a mega shit ton of bug fixes, as well as some nice optimizations.

As always with an update of this size we recommend starting a new game.

So without further ado here is the skinny on Alpha 14.

Navezgane World – Navezgane is nearly double the size, has a new sexy height map with higher mountains, deeper water and a new smoothing algorithm that makes the land and water much more natural looking.

  • Added a multitude of new locations to Navezgane including the new largest city Perishton, a bandit like shanty town, hidden snow cabin, Indian ruins, a water works, cell towers, boat docks, banks, islands, handmade caves, car lots, diners, and cemeteries. Nearly 100 new locations to discover. You won’t recognize the world.
  • Added: Navezgane now has over 35 new player spawn points.

Random Gen World – Random Gen has also gotten improvements with more terrain variation, smaller biomes, better and more logical biome distribution, the return of the old cave systems, better rural hubs, and lakes!

  • Added: New locations to the random gen mix xml including a bandit like shanty town, a water works, cell towers, banks, islands, car lots, diners, and cemeteries.
  • Changed: Returned to old caves, added an extra branch with grotto but made tunnels shorter.
  • Changed: World Terrain Generation has been altered, should see more variation.
  • Fixed: RWG Shotgun Messiah floor tiles replaced with asphalt/gravel blocks.
  • Fixed: House can be spawned inside another in random gen.
  • Fixed: Floating buildings in Random Gen Worlds.

Skills and Perks – We’ve expanded and improved the skills system from 23 to nearly 50 skills and perk groups many of which have up to 3 to 5 tiers. Along with this has come balance, tuning and improvements to how you gain skill. Skills are gained faster now in the early game. Here are some more details on skills.

  • Added: New Survivor perk that slows your metabolism.
  • Added: Slow Metabolism which slows how fast you burn calories, Run Forest Run which allows you to run longer before running out of stamina, The Human Camel which slows how fast you get thirsty, and The Health Nut which raises your minimum wellness and maximum wellness.
  • Added: Per level (other)skill requirements for skills.
  • Added: New perk Quick Hands. It allows for faster crafting. Has 5 tiers. (Joel)
  • Added: New perk “The Fixer”. The fixer allows you to repair faster, use less repair materials and diminish degradation amount with each tier. The final tier allows for no degradation.
  • Added: New perk “The Samuri” which has five tiers of increased blade damage. Requires blade skills of 1,25,50,75, and 100.
  • Added: New perk “Pummel Pete” which has five tiers of increased blunt damage. Requires blunt skills of 1,25,50,75, and 100.
  • Added: New perk “Black Bart” which has five tiers of increased mining tool damage. Requires mining tool skills of 1,25,50,75, and 100.
  • Added: New perk “Fast Eddie” which has three tiers of loot time reduction. Requires scavenging skills of 1,25 and 50.
  • Added The decapitator perk which has three tiers and increases a chance to decapitate with bladed weapons.
  • Added: Concrete Mixing perk that unlocks ability to craft a cement mixer and make concrete related items with construction level 20.
  • Added new perk “The Outlaw” for pistols which has 5 tiers and increases damage by 20,40,60,80 and 100%.
  • Added new perk “Better Lead Than Dead” for rifles which has 5 tiers and increases damage by 20,40,60,80 and 100%.
  • Added new perk “Boom Stick” for shotguns which has 5 tiers and increases damage by 20,40,60,80 and 100%.
  • Added: New perk “Splatter Gun” for shotguns which has 3 tiers and increases chance to dismember or decapitate.
  • Added: Added new Dead shot perk for pistols which gives them a chance to decapitate.
  • Added New perk to unlock 9mm round crafting under gunsmithing.
  • Added: Skill list now sorted.
  • Added: Skill Attributes are now listed.
  • Added: Localization for all skill/perk effects.
  • Changed: Skill gain rates and level gain rates.
  • Changed: Increased skill level req for quality joe
  • Changed: Skill points, you get 5 per level up now. Skills cost 1 point, perks cost 5.
  • Fixed: The Camel skill is not functional.
  • Fixed: Health Nut skill has no effect.
  • Fixed: Repairing Mechanical items does not increase Science skill.
  • Fixed: Light Armor skill is not functional.
  • Fixed: Athletics is not increased by travelling by foot.
  • Fixed: Bug where Athletics skill was being raised by the total amount when rejoining a game.
  • Fixed: Medicine skill does not increase effectiveness of medicine items.
  • Fixed: Medicine skill cannot be increased by using medicine items.
  • Fixed: Medicine skill does not grant any bonus.
  • Fixed: Dismemberment chance does not increase on higher levels of Dead Shot perk.
  • Fixed: Inconsistency between description of Knife Guy perk and its Attributes.
  • Fixed: Inconsistency between description of Pummel Pete perk and its Attributes.

Spawning and Death Systems – We’ve added in a new sexy system for spawn in where the player awakens with blurred vision and wipes their brow before the UI is displayed. We’ve also added a new damage and death system where the screen becomes desaturated upon low health and returns to the vibrant look if you don’t die. If you die you get a cool 3rd person death cam and screen effect and you’ll see zombies feeding on your corpse which add a lot to the game’s immersion.

Quests – A basic survival quest has been added along with radiant treasure quests where you dig for treasure and repeatable quest challenge notes that give you skill points and other rewards for completing. Treasure and Challenge quests can be obtained from loot. This is just the beginning folks we have big plans for more.

Characters and Clothing – We’ve added in 16 pre-defined character presets you can choose from that use the old male or female base heads, a new older male head or older female head or a new Asian male or female head. Don’t worry you can still make your own custom one. We’ve also updated and improved a lot of the clothing and clothing fitting and clipping issues. Our Characters have never looked so good.

  • Added: Preset Aiden, Male, Caucasian, 6ft 1 in, 24 years old, musician, who likes parkour. Signature feature: Red Mohawk.
  • Added: Preset Chang, Male, Asian, 5ft 9 in, 47 years old, Martial Arts Instructor, who likes Gardening. Signature feature: Shaved Head, Grey Goatee.
  • Added: Preset Charlotte, Female, Caucasian, 5ft 9 in, 36 years old, Nurse, who likes kickboxing. Signature feature: Piercing Eyes.
  • Added: Preset Clint, Male, Caucasian, 6ft 2 in, 35 years old, Bull rider, who likes cigars. Signature feature: 5 O’clock Shadow.
  • Added: Preset Emma, Female, Caucasian, 5ft 7 in, 54 years old, Nutritionist, who likes Yoga. Signature feature: Silver Hair.
  • Added: Preset Gabrielle, Female, Black, 5ft 6 in, 31 years old, Police Officer, who likes Martial Arts. Signature feature: Long Dreadlocks.
  • Added: Preset Grace, Female, Asian, 5ft 4 in, 26 years old, Jet Mechanic, who likes Cooking. Signature feature: Long Red Hair.
  • Added: Preset Hank, Male, Caucasian, 6ft 2 in, 59 years old, Cattle Rancher, who likes Hunting. Signature feature: Grey Beard.
  • Added: Preset Helen, Female, Caucasian, 5ft 5 in, 22 years old, Park Ranger, who likes Dog Breeding. Signature feature: Platinum Blonde Hair.
  • Added: Preset Jack, Male, Caucasian, 6ft 0 in, 48 years old, Miner, who likes Fishing. Signature feature: Long Brown Hair and Spaniard Goatee.
  • Added: Preset Jeff, Male, Indian, 5ft 11 in, 33 years old, Welder, who likes Computers. Signature feature: Shaved Head and Mustache.
  • Added: Preset Maria, Female, Hispanic, 5ft 4 in, 38 years old, Army Medic, who likes Hiking. Signature feature: Thick Black Hair.
  • Added: Preset Miguel, Male, Hispanic, 5ft 10 in, 35 years old, Shop Teacher, who likes Restoring Cars. Signature feature: Short Black Hair and Spaniard Goatee.
  • Added: Preset Rayah, Female, Arabic, 5ft 8 in, 32 years old, Electrical Engineer, who likes running Marathons. Signature feature: Long Thick Black Hair.
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