7 Days To Die A16 Experimental and WIPE !

Alpha 16 Official Release Notes!

This update is the most ambitious update for us since Alpha 1 and by far has the largest framework changes we’ve ever done. And to top that off it’s the biggest content drop we’ve ever done. In fact it was 88 pages of release notes that had to be condensed to what you see below. So without further ado, Let’s get ready to rumble!

Distant Location Rendering System
We’ve added a new distant location rendering system which renders low-polygon versions of locations in Navezgane and Random Gen worlds over a kilometer away. The system creates models of locations above a certain mass and height.

New Locations
We’ve have embellished many old locations with new loot and some custom painting. Too many to mention. We’ve also unlocked a new city in the south east Navezgane desert we call Departure. It’s the largest city so far. We have added over 30 new locations to the game including:

  • 4 new skyscrapers have been added to the game. We’re calling these mega locations vertical dungeons because they play like a traditional game with a lot of thought put into the path, enemy spawning, surprises, even secrets.
  • 3 fast-food restaurants (1 in Navezgane, all 3 in RG)
  • 6 new modern houses (3 in Navezgane all in RG)
  • Daycare (Both)
  • Private School (RG only)
  • Laundromat (Navezgane and RG)
  • Hair Salon (Navezgane and RG)
  • 2 fire stations (1 Navezgane, both RG)
  • 2 Post Offices (1 Navezgane, both RG)
  • 2 Court Houses (1 Navezgane, both RG)
  • 2 Old business strips (Navezgane and RG)
  • 4 new trailer lots (RG only)
  • Pawn Shop (Navezgane and RG)
  • Navezgane Hospital and Football Stadium (added to RG)

New Enemy Spawning and Gamestages
Sleeper Spawning – We’ve gutted the old static spawn system and added a new sleeper spawning system that embeds trigger volumes into locations which are set up by designers.

  • We’ve added sleeper volumes and spawn points to every location in the game.
  • Every location has unique spawning appropriate to the location or the area within a location. F.E. a maintenance area will spawn utility worker zombies and an office might spawn businessmen zombies
  • The amount of zombies spawned at a volume is determined by the spawn definition set by the designer and the definition set in the gamestages.xml regardless of the number of spawn points.
  • The type of zombies that spawn are determined by the spawn definition it’s set to and the parties game stage. The game will challenge you regardless of your level.
  • Zombies will spawn in different locations within a pois every play through for a new experience every time.
  • Zombies at locations are persistent meaning if you entered an area killed 1 of 5 guys and returned you would find the same 4 games alive.
  • Zombies will respawn in their volume if the volume has never been cleared or nobody has visited it in 5 days
  • Sleeper zombies have a chance to be a decoy meaning they are already dead. We added this so we could remove the old corpse loot block. Note: you have to damage them first before you can loot them.
  • Decoy zombies have a chance to not be dead so you can be surprised sometimes

Screamer Hordes
We’ve changed screamer hordes to use gamestages now so they will be dynamically set to the offending parties game stage

Game Stage Improvements
We’ve made many changes to make the challenge the advanced players including:

  • We’ve added feral and radiated zombies to the upper game stages to increase the longer game challenges
  • 7 day horde stages use a larger pool of zombie types, 15 at gamestage 435+
  • Zombies killed by playerdeath will be added back to the pool
  • We’ve added a new menu and server config game option to set the number of  zombies per player on Blood moon hordes. It defaults to 8 but can be set to 4, 8, 12, 16, 32 and 64 or any number for server admins. Game-stages are still determined by your party.
  • With the addition of blood-moon count we changed the Enemy Spawning game option to ON/Off as blood moon count and sleepers control the other spawning system counts

We’ve added a complete functional electricity system with a wiring tool, power sources, lights, switches, triggers, traps and more. These items are gated by perks, loot found and trader only items you can buy. They include:

  • Wire Tool – Use a wire tool to wire electrical components. Focus on any electrical component and use the secondary action to add a wire to a parent and once again to complete the connection to a child component. Focus on any electrical component and use the primary action to remove or cut that components wire to its parent component. With the wire tool equipped you can see many useful things including: a components power usage and power status, the flow of power from parent to its child component and the aiming of objects with motion sensing.
  • Generator Bank – The Generator Bank allows you to power your electrical components. It requires at least one small engine, expandable up to six. The maximum energy output is determined by the number of small engines installed and their quality. The generator bank uses gas for fuel which can be found in loot and purchased at traders or crafted at chemical stations and campfires.
  • Solar Bank  The Solar Bank allows you to power your electrical components. It requires at least one solar cell, expandable up to six. The maximum energy output is determined by the number of solar cells installed and their quality. Solar banks produce power during the day when in direct sunlight. Solar Banks and cells can be purchased from traders or found in rare loot.
  • Battery Bank  The Battery Bank allows you to power your electrical components. It requires at least one battery, expandable up to six. The maximum energy output is determined by the number of batteries installed and their quality. An externally powered and turned on Battery Bank will recharge its batteries. If there are no batteries installed it acts as a relay pushing power down line.
  • Electric Wire Relay –  The Electric wire relay allows extending your electrical network further with a small cost to power.
  • Switch – The Switch allows pausing the flow of power to children components.
  • Pressure Plate – The Pressure Plate triggers the flow of power to children components when stepped on.
  • Motion Sensor – The Motion Sensor triggers the flow of power to children components when a player or zed is in its view.
  • Trip Wire Post – The Trip Wire Post triggers the flow of power to children components when a player or zed moves between two connected posts.
  • Electric Timer Relay – The Electric Timer Relays allows the flow of power to children components during a specified time period in 30 minute increments.
  • Blade Trap – The Blade trap has three spinning blades that chops players and zeds alike. It does not discriminate.
  • Electric Fence Post – The Electric Fence Post shocks players and zeds who move between two connected posts.
  • Dart Trap – The Dart trap launches metal darts when powered.
  • Auto Turret – The Auto Turret senses targets in its view and fires 9mm rounds at them.
  • Shotgun Turret – The Shotgun Turret senses targets in its view and fires shotgun shells at them.
  • Speaker – The speaker plays an alarm sound when powered.
  • Lights – There are many lights that the player can now craft to illuminate their forts.
  • Spotlight – The player crafted Spotlight has changed to require power but can now be aimed be where light is needed.

Random Gen Beta Version
We’ve greatly improved Random Gen with many improvements and additions including:

  • POIs
    • New RG Distant POIs
    • Over 30 new locations
    • We’ve re-organized the rwgmixer.xml and it’s spawning groups and now have every POI spawning as intended
    • POI location size restrictions have been removed so every location will now be included in possible locations lists. F.e. the football stadium can spawn
    • POI Picker code improved, ensuring a more even distribution of POIs
    • POI location facing directions have been fixed so their fronts face roads
    • POI height is che